Avery Is Turning FOUR!

At this time, four years ago I was doing everything I could to get ready for Miss Avery Mae’s arrival. I had an induction scheduled for early the next morning, on October 12th and I was preparing myself (as much as I possibly could) for what was ahead. The fear subsided and I thought I was ready. Really, nothing could have prepared me for the crazy amazing experience of becoming a Mother, and the roller coaster of events and emotions of raising a baby into the little girl she is becoming. Avery has taught her Dad and I so much in such a short amount of time and continues to keep us in check anytime we think we are prepared for the next step (haha). I cannot wait to watch her grow even more and watch all the ways we grow along with her.

To Avery, I realize your childhood years are going to creep by for you. You remind me that daily when you annoyingly ask me how much longer you have to wait until you can drive a car. Or get your own cell phone. Or even when you tell me you are going to gobble down all your vegetables because you just want to be big. I want to tell you to slow down. Or to enjoy being a kid while you can. Hell, who am I kidding.. I do tell you that. But I understand. You finally grasp the fact that you are your own person, who every day gets a little bigger as you are making your way into adulthood. And you can’t wait. The next fourteen years will crawl by you as you wait to finally be a “grown up”.

However, for your Dad and I, it’s going to fly by. Just as it already has.  It’s tough yet exciting watching my baby become this amazing little person. Since logically I know I can’t deprive you of your veggies in hopes that you’ll stop growing (I hear that doesn’t work, anyways.) I am enjoying every moment watching you grow.

I hope to continue to make your childhood nothing but joyful. From now all the way through adulthood, where I will continue to be there for you- always.

Happy almost Birthday, baby cakes.

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