Perfect Party Appetizer

Here we go. Thanksgiving is tomorrow. WHAT?! 

Then Christmas will be around the corner and New Years soon to follow.
Time for lots of time with friends and family, parties and food
I started making these sausage balls a few Thanksgivings back and have made them most family gatherings since. 

All you need is-
Philsbury biscuits
Cheddar cheese
Melted butter and garlic

These are so simple to make, even I can do it 😉 Now I am definitely no food blogger, but here it goes!
-Start by cooking the sausage until browned. 
-Drain the grease (seriously. I skipped this step once and ended up with grease bombs).
-Mix in the ranch and cheese. More cheese the better. Basically my life motto. 
(I also like to add garlic salt)
-(Now, at this point you can either go straight to rolling into the biscuits or you can freeze the mix until you’re ready. It is easier to roll into balls when frozen.)
-Take the sausage, ranch and cheese mix- roll into little balls and then wrap in the biscuit dough. I cut each biscuit in half.
-Then I brush each with melted butter and garlic then sprinkle on some salt and pepper.
-Put on a pan, cook according to biscuit instructions. Then, boom. Done!   
These get swooped up so quick at any gathering and someone is always asking me how I made them. 
Since we have a few vegetarians in my family, including myself, I usually make a vegetarian appetizer for Thanksgiving but also like to accommodate to the meat eaters! I love that I can easily skip the sausage and just stuff some cheese in the biscuit and have a veggie friendly option! 
The Hubs is also obsessed with these and even asks for them for dinner, basically once a week. 
Now I will be going to whip these up for our family party tomorrow!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with friends and family and delicious food.

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