Christmas Traditions

It is officially December. Which means it is basically Christmas. Avery’s memory is amazing, she is already asking about things she remembers us doing last year that she is eager to do again.

I say this every year, but every year just seems to get better & better! Now that she’s old enough to truly participate and appreciate all of our traditions has me extra excited.

The presents are exciting, but it’s all of the fun leading up to Christmas that I look forward to the most!

I put together  list of our favorite must-do Christmas traditions.

-Decorating the tree is an obvious one.
-We made gingerbread houses and sugar cookies every year when I was a kid and I love carrying that tradition with Avery.
-Christmas movies all of December are a must! The cheesier the better.
-Homemade ornaments are the best and so much fun to make with Avery.
-When I was a kid, my whole family would get together and go to some popular local places to go look at Christmas lights. We have one particular street that is full of lights. So we would park the car and we would all just walk down the street admiring the lights. Another tradition we have carried on with Avery. In the same spots I used to go growing up. This is usually followed (or accompanied by) hot chocolate 😉
-Christmas parades are the…best.. 
-Wine/present wrapping night. Clearly this one is for the parents. I love taking a night and dedicating it to wrapping presents, usually with Netflix or a movie and drinking some wine (for me, beer for Garrett) and gushing over how excited we are to watch Avery open her gifts.
-Advent calendar and seeing Santa. Also a must.
-Christmas Eve is just as good as Christmas if you ask me. It’s the day my entire family gets together. We give Avery a box every night on Christmas Eve that usually has new pajamas, slippers, a Christmas movie and some type of treat. I have also taken a picture of Avery sleeping on Christmas Eve night every single year. I can’t believe this year will be the fifth!

We also do the Elf on the Shelf. Even though I fail miserably every year it’s another fun tradition. A wrote a post last year about my thoughts on our little month long house guest you can check out.

We already crossed off decorating the Christmas tree. I would’ve had the tree up after Halloween if I had any say in it but Garrett made me wait until after Thanksgiving. So it of course went up right after Thanksgiving. I couldn’t wait any longer!
Holding her “first Christmas” ornament from 2012

I’d love to hear what your favorite family traditions for Christmas are.
Happy December, let the Christmas count down begin!

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