Four DIY Christmas Gifts

We love making DIY gifts around here. It saves some money and it feels extra special to give a gift you’ve taken the time to make yourself- made with love.

I put together four of my favorite DIY’s for this year. Two of them are perfect gifts for a toddler/child to help with. Grandparents love homemade gifts from those grand-babies! 
First. DIY scarf. Has anyone else heard of arm knitting? I might be the last to know, since it’s all over Pinterest these days. I finally learned and I am obsessed! I watched SimplyMaggieblog Youtube channel and learned how to knit using my arms or fingers. Naturally I went out and bought a ton of yarn. So far I have made a few scarves, an ear warmer and am working on a blanket. It’s so fun and would be the perfect gifts for basically any girl in your life! 

I made a double wrap purple infinity scarf and then a little chunkier single wrap red scarf. So cute, warm and fun! 
Second. Sharpie mugs
Also all over Pinterest. We’ve made these before and they were a hit, so this year Avery made them again for her Great Grandparents “Ninny and Papa”. Just grab silicone mugs, sharpies, I wrote their names on the front and let Avery scribble away- then it was her idea to trace her hand on the back of each mug, pop them in the oven for half an hour and it’s good to go! 
If you didn’t want to gift a scribbled on mug you could also draw on a picture or even write in a quote or something funny 🙂
Third. DIY candles. The candles aren’t DIY but the pictures can be! All you need is permanent markers, wax paper, white tissue paper, candles and a lighter or blow dryer. This is fun because you can design the candles with whatever design you want or let your kid draw whatever they want! Again, Avery took it away with scribbles.

-All you do is use the permanent markers to draw whatever design you want onto the tissue paper
-put the tissue paper onto the candle, cut off the excess paper so it fits on the candle and wrap wax paper around it
-Use the lighter or blow dryer to melt the tissue paper
-Lift off the wax paper to reveal the picture transfer. 
Fourth. Christmas ornament memories. This is definitely the easiest. You buy a pack of Christmas ornaments and a permanent marker and they write in monumental things that happen within that year to hang on the tree, then carry it out for years to come. We are giving this gift to someone this year who purchased their first home this year so we started off the ornaments by writing “our first home” on one of the ornaments. We got this as a gift a few years ago and I loved the idea! The person who gifted it to us wrote in a few of our special memories for us and we have added new memories since then! 

Does anyone else love DIY gifts? Only nineteen more shopping days until Christmas! 

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