Wedding Post- Detail Shots

We got an exciting Christmas present this year…
Our wedding photos! 
My photographer sent me that magical text the day after Christmas and I couldn’t run to my laptop fast enough!
I had been checking my email like a mad woman, what feels like daily, since the wedding- but boy, oh boy were these photos worth the wait!!
Garrett and I spent a good amount of time just scrolling through them, laughing and “aww’ing”.. maybe even a few tears.
We got back so many amazing photos and I don’t want to bombard them all onto one post so I am going to break it down in a few posts over the next few weeks.
Get ready 😉
My Mom, bridesmaids and I got to the venue around 7AM the morning of the wedding. A few of my Aunts also came with us first thing in the morning to help get all the final decorations out and set up. Thankfully we got most of the setting up done the night before after the rehearsal.
The entire beginning of the day I felt fine. I was walking around eating leftover pizza, talking, laughing and drinking champagne.
Then the photographers showed up and all the nerves hit me so fast. I never said I was nervous but everyone knows me so well- they could tell. Luckily all of my girls kept everything fun and my photographers and makeup artist kept me sane and made sure everything was going smoothly.
As soon as the photographers got there they started working away taking detail shots of just about everything, and I am so glad they did. I love these photos because I never want to forget all the tiny details of the day!

 I was in love with my dress. I never thought I’d care about the dress as much as I did once I found this dress.

My something old- my great grandmothers wedding rings on my boquet
something new- our wedding rings
something borrowed- my Moms wedding veil
something blue- my shoes
My Great Grandmothers wedding rings on my bouquet. I wish she could have been there but I am glad I was able to keep her close.
 And then Avery’s sign she would have been holding.. if she had made it down the aisle 😉


We were mostly ready when the photographers got there. At this point they took some quick shots of the finishing touches before the dress went on.
 That wraps up my first wedding re-cap post! Next post I will share putting on the dress and our first look photos.
I can hardly believe it has been nearly four months since we said i do. It seems like it was just yesterday, yet as if we’ve been married forever 😉

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