Rainy Weekend//Perfect Movie Snack

There has been a storm coming through California this week. Granted our version of “storm” doesn’t exactly match up to other states but never the less.. we are use to the California drought and going months on end without rain. Multiple days of constiant rain is pretty serious ’round here.

I took Avery to the park Thursday evening before the rain rolled it. It was 50 degrees and the sun was setting but it was nice to get all our jitters out. Plus- she swung on the swings for the first time in a long while so I consider it a win!

The rest of the weekend consisted of pajamas and movies. We only made our way out for a Target trip or two.

Speaking of movies. If you follow my Instagram you’d know I got a popcorn maker for Christmas and I’ve been slightly obsessed. Sweet popcorn, savory popcorn, classic popcorn- I’ve done it all in the last couple weeks.

Right now my definite favorite is oreo popcorn!


All you need is popcorn (if you don’t have a popcorn maker there’s lots of stovetop popcorn recipes all over Pinterest), oreos and white chocolate chips.


Put about twelve oreos in a ziplock and crush them down into smaller pieces. (You want the cookie bits to be bite size- not completely crushed into dust.)

Melt down the white chocolate in the microwave. (Remember to stir to keep the chocolate from melting.)

In a large mixing bowl drizzle about half of the chocolate onto the popcorn and mix the bowl around to make sure the popcorn is coated evenly.

Finally, dump in the oreo crumbles and stir it around again to make sure everything is coated evenly.

For extra measure- I like to then pour the popcorn mixture onto a sheet pan and drizzle the remaining chocolate on top then throw on a few more oreo bits.


Leave the mixture on the pan until the chocolate hardens.


An irresistibly tempting movie snack.


I will definitely be digging into some of this to cure my Monday blues!
Is anyone else as in love with popcorn as I am? I’d love to hear other peoples popcorn recipes. If you decide to try this one, let me know how much you love it!

Happy Monday!



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