Wedding Post- First Look

Here I am again with another wedding post. If you missed it- check out my first post where I shared some fun detail shots.

 I mentioned in my last post that this point was where all of the nerves finally started settling in. I wasn’t talking much and it felt like the whole room was buzzing around me. I was just doing my best to hold it together!

Then my sister handed me my gift from her- and I knew the tears would start pouring!


Yep. Que Tears.



Then it was dress time. I will never forget how it felt putting my dress on at that moment. I had put it on tons of times before- my Mom and bridesmaids had all seen me in it plenty of times but it felt like the first time.


They had my Mom there to help me into my dress to start with and I love these photos with her and I.

I should mention now- the entire day Avery was completely MIA for pictures. We kept having to drag her into every photo opportunity because  she was too busy running around doing who knows what 😉

So once I got the dress on I wanted to call Avery to come in and see.

She came bouncing in- and again, even though she had seen me in my dress a few times before, for her too it was like the first time.

Funny story- Avery was so busy playing that she wasn’t able to make it on time to the restroom and even had an accident.. Yeah. Luckily we salvaged her dress from getting wet but her shoes were another story. Which explains why she is barefoot. I was totally irritated in the moment but now I can’t help but laugh about it.


We took a few more pictures of my Sister helping me into my dress- and my shoes since I couldn’t move once I got buttoned up. But what are maid of honors for, right?

I was excited to see Garrett’s getting ready pictures, since obviously I missed that part! I was laughing because I told him I can totally tell how nervous he was in his face


Now- if any engaged couples out there are debating whether or not to have a first look.. do it! Seriously. Besides being a huge help with getting a ton of pictures done it helped calm both of us so much!


Our venue had a big wrap around porch and our photographers had Garrett and I stand at opposite ends with his back to me. I had to walk up to him, cover his eyes, walk back to the other end then tell him to turn around and we walked towards each other. In the moment it felt awkward and silly but we got the best shots out of it and it only built up the suspense.


There’s that barefoot kid again 😉

After our first look- I was ready!


I’ll be back next week to share our ceremony!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Post- First Look

  1. You look absolutely gorgeous!! I totally agree that the first look helps get rid of the jitters. And that house is perfect for photos. You guys got so many great ones. Too funny about Avery running around all over the place. Sounds like she had a great time 🙂


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