Heart Month

February kicks off Heart Health Awareness Month! This month, I will be sharing all about congenital heart defects (the most common birth defect), our journey and the need for more research/funding!


For the 40,000 babies born with CHDs each year- 25% of those babies are considered to have critical CHDs, requiring surgery in their first year of life.

For these critical hearts, there is no cure. Their hearts will be repaired but never “fixed”. These babies will live with their repaired hearts- never operating at 100%. Leaving our Heart warriors with a life-long risk of health problems.

Right now, Maverick’s heart is doing well. However, the possibility of him needing more surgical intervention in the future is a realization we are painfully aware of. We will go in two weeks for another echocardiogram to check on his heart and I often wonder if there will ever be a time I don’t hold my breath thinking about Mavericks next echo. If my skin won’t curl when our cardiologist tells us we are in “watch and wait mode”.

I prefer to stay positive- but brining awareness means bringing the real. And this is real, for so many families.
Bringing awareness means bringing funding to congenital heart defects. Funding that can lead to research or findings that can potentially save lives.

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